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Maximize the impact of your corporate events with our Corporate Event Media Package, designed to capture and showcase the essence of your brand and the highlights of your events. From professional corporate headshots to detailed event coverage and dynamic recap videos, this package offers a complete media solution to ensure your event is remembered and celebrated. Perfect for businesses looking to elevate their event’s profile, engage participants, and extend the life of their event through powerful visual storytelling in Atlanta GA or we can travel to you.


Corporate Headshots

Elevate your team’s professional image with our Corporate Headshots service. We provide a mobile studio setup at your event location, offering convenient, high-quality headshots for executives and employees. Perfect for updating company websites, LinkedIn profiles, and marketing materials with current, polished photos that reflect your brand’s professionalism.


Corporate Event Photography

Capture the essence of your corporate events with our Corporate Event Photography service. From keynote speeches to networking moments, our photographers document your event with an eye for the moments that matter most. These high-resolution images are ideal for use in future marketing campaigns, internal communications, and as a visual archive of your company’s milestones.


Corporate Complete Stage Recording

Ensure no moment is missed with our Corporate Complete Stage Recording service. We provide comprehensive video coverage of all presentations, speeches, and performances, using professional-grade equipment for crystal-clear audio and visuals. This service is invaluable for creating archival footage, online content, and post-event presentations to share with attendees and stakeholders.


Recap Video

Condense the excitement and energy of your event into a compelling short-form video recap. This service provides a dynamic and engaging summary of your event, perfect for sharing on social media, websites, and with stakeholders to showcase the event’s success and key moments.


Corporate Speaker Video

Highlight the insights and messages of your event’s key speakers with our Corporate Speaker Video service. Each video is crafted to emphasize the speaker’s key points and personality, making it a perfect tool for sharing thought leadership and extending the reach of your event’s content through social media and your company website.


Corporate Event Recap Video

Tell the story of your event with our Corporate Event Recap Video service. This dynamic, engaging video is crafted to highlight the event’s most memorable moments, key achievements, and overall atmosphere, providing a perfect wrap-up for sharing with participants, on social media, and for promotional purposes for future events.


Corporate Event Short Form Video

Engage your audience with our Corporate Event Short-Form Videos. Tailored for social media and online sharing, these videos capture the essence of your event in bite-sized, compelling content. Ideal for keeping your audience engaged before, during, and after the event, these videos help maintain buzz and foster a community around your brand.

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From keynote speeches to candid interactions, we ensure no moment goes unnoticed. Our dynamic recap videos then distill these moments into a compelling narrative, allowing you to not only celebrate the event’s success but also share the highlights with a wider audience. This complete media solution package offered by 1Kreative guarantees that your event is not just an occasion but a lasting memory, celebrated and shared, extending the impact of your corporate message far beyond the event itself.

Corporate Event Media

In the world of corporate events, capturing every significant moment is crucial. That’s where our Corporate Event Media services come into play. We provide comprehensive media solutions designed to bring your corporate events to life. Our professional team specializes in capturing high-quality photos and videos that encapsulate the essence of your event.

Whether it’s a seminar, conference, trade show, or company retreat, we ensure every key moment is beautifully documented. Beyond just capturing moments, we also offer post-event services such as expert editing and production to create a polished portfolio of images and videos that you can use for promotional purposes, internal communications, or simply as a memorable keepsake. Trust us to deliver a seamless media experience that adds value to your corporate event.


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