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Real Estate Package - 1Kreative

Elevate your property listings with our comprehensive Real Estate Package. Designed to showcase properties in their best light, this package includes a range of video and photography services tailored for real estate. From captivating Realtor Intro & House Description Videos to detailed Home Walkthroughs, each service is aimed at providing a thorough and engaging portrayal of your properties. Enhance your listings further with optional narration and stunning aerial drone footage, ensuring potential buyers receive an immersive viewing experience that goes beyond the traditional.


Intro/Overview Video

Make a lasting first impression with our Realtor Intro & House Description Video. This service combines a personal introduction by the realtor with a visually appealing overview of the property. It’s designed to establish a connection with potential buyers while highlighting the key features and selling points of the home in a concise and engaging format.


Home Walkthrough Video

Our Home Walkthrough service offers a virtual tour of the property, allowing potential buyers to explore each room and space in detail. These walkthroughs are filmed with professional precision, ensuring every significant aspect of the home is showcased, providing viewers with a comprehensive feel of the property layout and features.



Enhance your Home Walkthrough with our Narration service. This addition provides a guided tour experience, where key details and attributes of the property are articulated, adding depth and context to the visual tour. Narration can be tailored to highlight unique selling points and architectural details that appeal to potential buyers.


Drone Footage

Take your listings to new heights with our Drone Footage service. Offering a bird’s-eye view of the property and its surroundings, this service provides a unique perspective that captures the scale, landscape, and neighborhood context. Ideal for showcasing large properties, scenic surroundings, and highlighting the property’s location advantages.

Case Studies

In the dynamic world of real estate, where capturing the essence and allure of properties is crucial, 1Kreative has emerged as a distinguished provider of both home staging photography and videography services tailored for real estate agents. Our adept team understands the pivotal role that visually appealing content plays in attracting potential buyers.

Real Estate Media Marketing

In the competitive world of real estate, standing out from the crowd is crucial, and utilizing media and video is a game-changer. High-quality photos and videos give potential buyers an immersive experience, allowing them to visualize the property as their future home or investment. Virtual tours can provide a comprehensive view of the property, highlighting key features and selling points.

A well-produced video can also convey the lifestyle and community surrounding the property, adding an emotional appeal to the factual details. In addition, media and video content are highly shareable, extending your reach beyond traditional marketing avenues. In essence, incorporating media and video into your real estate marketing strategy can significantly enhance property visibility, engagement, and ultimately, sales.

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