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Founder of 1Kreative, the Content Marketing Company helping businesses develop their content blueprint and execute on their content production. Co-founder of The Archive, an Atlanta based nonprofit creating safe spaces for the youth to explore and learn creative industries.

I am a marketing professional and creative entrepreneur dedicated to doing impactful work. I have 8 years of marketing experience beginning with SEO writing as early as high school. I have leveraged my passion for photography to help businesses and build my own since 2017. I am a perpetual learner, genuine advocate, and natural leader which allows me to contribute to business success.

Company History

Founded in 2020 by a passionate content creator with a background in photography and a keen understanding of the digital marketing landscape, 1Kreative was born out of a desire to help businesses thrive in the content-rich world of today. With a foundation built on six years of photography experience, a bachelor’s degree in business marketing, and invaluable insights gained from three years in a marketing agency setting, 1Kreative has evolved into a creative content solutions powerhouse.

We specialize in developing comprehensive content strategies and executing high-quality content production that increases brand awareness and ROI for our clients. Our journey has been one of innovation, learning, and unwavering dedication to providing exceptional service, making us a trusted partner for businesses looking to make a significant impact with their content marketing efforts.

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Whether you’re looking to build your brand from the ground up or seeking innovative ways to engage your audience, 1Kreative is here to help. Let’s embark on this creative journey together, crafting a future where your brand not only stands out but shines brilliantly.

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